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Security Engineering

Keeping your data safe

Security is a discipline that cuts across every component of the network environment and affects every stage of its lifecycle. Our security engineers bring decades of experience in Federal government and private industry to the task of building a coherent and comprehensive network security solution for your enterprise.

Even the finest security tools are worthless without the knowledge to implement them properly and the methodologies to use them effectively. LTG’s security professionals can draw on a wide base of experience to:

  • Recommend best-of-breed solutions
  • Integrate them into a custom security solution tailored to your existing network and future requirements
  • Help you develop the detailed processes that will keep your network security solution running at peak efficiency long after we walk out the door

LTG’s network security approach benefits from synergy with our performance engineering practice. Managing the performance of networks and applications across the enterprise, from user to datacenter to cloud, requires deep visibility into the working of every part of the environment. This mirrors the deep visibility required to keep the network secure. The same tools can serve both ends, providing a parallax view of the envi- ronment to keep it working safely on one hand and smoothly on the other.

Datacenter Infrastructure

Intelligent design reduces downtime and increases performance

LTG brings extensive data center experience in the design and build-out as well as operations and maintenance. Whether it’s physical cable infra- structure, Local Area and Wide Area Network (LAN/WAN), Storage Area Network (SAN), RFID asset management systems or security systems design and integration services, LTG can help you design, build and manage state of the art data centers.

A data center is always a work in progress. Be it the headquarters server room of a growing organ- ization or a well-planned Greenfield of an estab- lished corporation, all environments share the same basic needs of stability, simplicity, scalability & horsepower.

As interface speeds & data center server loads increase, so have the demands on the network. In the past data center topologies have centered around distributing load – pushing server rela- tionships to the edge, situating Layer 3 subnets/ VLAN boundaries at a middle tier & isolating interaction with carrier at an upper tier.
New designs use flatter networks & borrow centralized fabric principles from the storage community.

Trends continue towards the fabric solution as more vendors adopt this methodology. More agent based, server solutions are needed to replace in-line security, performance monitoring & load balancing services services. Role basedaccess for servers also becomes a greater focus with fabric based networks & aides in the virtu- alization plan.

Performance Engineering

Optimize the use of your limited resources

Helping you provide the highest levels of end user experience and service availability. Our proven approach bridges the gap between business needs and tools, providing you with the most compre- hensive, cost effective solutions.
We have broad experience across a number of technology platforms, manufacturers and protocols and are constantly scanning the industry for new and evolving technologies.

We strive to have the most comprehensive under- standing of performance engineering technol- ogies in the industry so you don’t have to. Our engineers work closely with industry leading technology companies such as Compuware, OpNet, Exinda, Blue Coat, Gigamon, Riverbed, NetQoS, Solarwinds, and others.

We can help you develop varying levels of visibil- ity depending on your needs including Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) and Applica- tion Performance Management (APM) solutions. Our service management approach to network
and application performance engineering is based on the ITIL, Type II service provider model. Our approach defines different layers of visibility and control across three core service areas:

  • Performance Monitoring
  • Capacity Management
  • Availability Management

Using this standard approach, our consultants develop customized solutions based on your existing environment, tools, applications, and internal support organizations.

Financial Services

Maximizing your ROI

Our financial professionals can help optimize the ROI on your investments. From a Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) procedure, validated by our history working for Fortune 500 companies, to the implementation of financial systems and processes to prepare for your next budget cycle, our broad range of consultants can help you optimize your limited resources.
Our professionals provide a broad range of services:

  • Budgeting, Planning and Cashflow Forecasting
  • Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC)
  • IT Governance, Portfolio Management, E-Government
  • Business Transformation
  • Financial Systems Integration Support (Oracle Financials, Hyperion Essbase and OLAP Cubes, Cognos Planning)
  • Certified specialists in Federal Contracting Accounting
  • Outsourced CFO and Accounting Services for Commercial Businesses