“From small to large & private to government, LTG’s goal is to help our customers achieve the most cost effective & efficient solutions possible.”

Luciana Chesta, President & CEO
Our Services
Data Center Infrastructure
LTG brings extensive data center experience in the design and build-out as well as operations and maintenance.
Performance Engineering
Our proven approach helps you provide the highest levels of end user experience and service availability.
Security Engineering
We bring decades of experience in Federal government and private industry to the task of building a comprehensive network security solution for your enterprise.
Financial Services
Our financial professionals can help optimize the ROI on your investments.
“LTG is constantly scanning the market place for new and innovative technologies. Before we recommend any technologies to our customers, we install them in our Innovation Lab (iLab) where we conduct functional and performance testing, penetration testing, and train our engineers on the solution if it meets our evaluation criteria. We do the ground work to find the most cost effective solutions so you don’t have to.”
Chris Rogan, COO and IT Solutions Architect